Networking doesn’t exactly come easy to everyone. Yet successful and effective networking can advance your career, your financial situation, and even your personal growth and development in ways unimaginable. In fact, a strong network can be more valuable than a Harvard MBA, if developed and used correctly – not to mention the impact a strong network can have on your personal/social life.

Have no fear. The Network section is heard to provide Downtime visitors with profiles of various Professional and Social organizations throughout New England, as well as a regional and national networking calendar that enables you to network on a national basis.   Later this month, we will be providing you with an organizational directory to make networking even easier for you.

Now, go ahead. Get Connected.


The Field Guide to Surviving the Holidays

Whether you’ve recently discovered he’s just not that into you, or she’s not answering your calls, or you still haven’t found what you’re looking for — the holidays pose a uniquely stressful and frustrating time for singles. Relationship expert Barbie Adler, president of Selective Search, Inc., the nation’s leading personal matchmaker tells singles one may […]

African Americans: Get the Winning Edge

 Everybody wants an edge that will give him or her a competitive advantage that will help him or she accomplishes a goal faster, easier or better. Athletes will train harder and longer. They will eat right, sleep right and even give up sex if they think it will give them a winning edge. Some athletes […]

Advantages of Professional Networking Organizations

Don’t think Joining a Professional Networking Organization is worth your time or effort? Think again. Depending on which one you join, professional networking groups can be worth more than 10 times the membership fee. Here’s a quick list of what you may gain from joining a networking group. Many people don’t see the value in […]

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