How To Get More Real App Reviews?

How To Get More Real App Reviews?

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Marketing is an important part of selling. Yes, you might argue that I am making an app – I am not selling a product! But, think deeply. Let’s say you have made an app – a music player. Initially, it might have quite a significant number of downloads. But after some time, the growth curve won’t be growing anymore. It would be an app whose growth curve has flatlined. You surely don’t want that, do you? However, it is not your fault. There are millions of apps available in the market. To stand out, you need publicity and a part of it will come from the decision to get real app reviews!


If this question popped up in your mind and you are thinking about the topic and wondering that all reviews that you get are real! But this thing is different. Any major app market like the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store has some policies to adhere to. One major differentiating factor would be the number of reviews your app has, and if they are positive or negative. From this statement, even a child can infer that negative reviews do no good. You need positive app reviews – a lot of them – if you want to boost your growth. Hence, getting real app reviews from agencies or websites that excel in those is the way to go!

What benefits will you get?

If you decide to get real app reviews then you are going to do so from an agency or a website. Always choose the reputed ones. When you have decided to get real app reviews, these will be the benefits:

  • These agencies or websites have a team of dedicated writers who will write a bunch of reviews, rather, a ton of reviews for you! You will have no reason to worry because they have been doing this for a long time and each review will be different from the other. There will be no repetition of reviews in any case and each one will highlight your app’s virtues in a way that does not sound fake.
  • These agencies also specialize in analyzing the keywords that might be useful for growing your app. While they may not make changes to the app description and title of your app – like an ASO company, they will subtly incorporate certain keywords into the reviews so that the algorithms can rank the review higher!
  • To get real app reviews, you do not have to spend a lot of time or money either. Once you get in touch with an agency or website that can get buy app reviews for you, your work is 90% complete. Their diligent workforce will take care of the rest while you focus on other aspects of the app if you deem it necessary.


Thus, you can easily boost your app’s position on the Google Play Store or App Store if you decide to get real app reviews for marketing your app!



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