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Being a pro in professional makeup and style comes with its own perks. But going to the parlor and physically visiting a celebrity stylist or professional Makeover artists would be unfeasible and quite expensive, too.

Also, it is not less challenging to size up the pile of products to pick the right one and apply the right amount of it to perfectly suit your skin type. If done right, doing makeup could actually be a lot of fun. This is where beauty apps come to your rescue. If you have an Android smartphone, you can download an amazing B612 makeup camera app and become a self-learned makeup artist.

Even if you are a beginner, this B612 makeup camera can teach you to master the art of styling your hair and achieving that flawless gorgeous makeover.

B612 Makeup Camera is the smart cosmetic kit in your purse. Designed for the modern woman, the B612 Makeup camera app lets you create makeup and hairstyles to match your unique lifestyle. The smart facial detection senses facial features and shapes with greater accuracy than any other app, making cosmetic and hairstyle overlays on portraits true-to-life. Now you can experiment with hundreds of makeup & beauty effects that you can apply in real life.

Try on makeup in real time with the new B612 makeup Camera. Get an instant makeover so true-to-life you’ll swear it’s a magic mirror!

B612 Makeup camera app gives you everything you need to enhance your skin, eyes, eyebrows, lips, teeth, and hair. Mix and match hundreds of different lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, or foundation color combinations to find the perfect makeup and hairstyle for every occasion.

B612 Makeup camera is a beauty selfie camera app with an AR (Auto-Recognition) makeup feature in it. Using the features and tools you can check out various makeup products, hairstyles, etc. within seconds.

There is also the latest makeup tutorials in it posted by the beauty community, which would be really helpful if you are new to makeup.


B612 Makeup Camera helps you to edit your selfies using pre-defined makeup tools making them beautiful. This beauty app is best if you are looking forward to taking selfies to post on tour social media accounts.

It also allows you to change your facial features like lips, cheeks, eyes, etc to make your appearance more attractive.

B612 makeup camera app Features

  • Slim-face, blemish, big-eyes features to edit face
  • Flawless skin for adjusting skin tone and removing tans
  • Hairstyles and hair colors for a hair makeover
  • Eye color change option
  • Live makeup cam allows to try out cosmetic from top brands virtually
  • Skincare cam based on artificial intelligence for proper analysis
  • Airbrush face tuner
  • Real-time AR makeovers that can be recorded


With B612 makeup camera get professional photo filter services at your phone. This app works with the front and outer camera, meaning it is not just a selfie editing app.

It does not contain any unrealistic photo filters. Using B612 makeup camera you can get a natural-looking flawless beautiful photo of yours.

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