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How to Teach Your Pet Fido to Play Fetch?

Is Fido engaging in the “catch-me-if-you-can” game, stealing your socks, shoes, or jumping on you when you arrive home? These troublesome behaviors can be addressed in a fun and effective way through the game of fetch.

Although teaching your poochie to chase and retrieve an object may seem like a fun little game, fetching can be a valuable tool for instilling positive behaviors and discouraging naughty ones.

Nevertheless, consider being equipped with pet insurance for dogs, as frisky pets are more likely to get into health troubles like injuries, accidents, and other medical emergencies. Contemplate purchasing cheap dog insurance in the least so much of your four paws’ testing, treatments, and medications are covered during unexpected health scenarios.

Meanwhile, read this article to learn how to teach Fido the game of fetch.


There are many benefits to teaching Fido to fetch. First, it helps your pup develop a reliable recall, ensuring it returns to you promptly when called. Second, your puppy learns the enjoyable act of “drop it,” realizing that relinquishing an item brings its rewards. 

This way, your fur kid understands that letting go can fetch impressive prizes that holding onto objects don’t. Lastly, fetch provides a productive outlet for your pupper’s energy, offering it a constructive way to channel its physical and mental energy.

How to teach fetch?

Know that some dogs naturally grasp the concept of fetch, while many others require assistance and guidance to learn this game. Fetch training basically includes two parts – recall and drop it, so let’s get started…

To teach your furry baby the recall cue, follow these steps –

  1. Choose a plaything like a ball or stuffed toy your pupper is highly enthusiastic about and wave it around to generate excitement. Then, toss it a short distance away.
  2. Allow your pet to retrieve the object, after which run away while making encouraging sounds and gestures to entice it to chase you.
  3. Let the puppy run after you for a little while and drop the thing in its mouth, and . Then you immediately pick up the item and throw it again. Avoid requesting specific behavior like a sit; instead, reward the return by promptly continuing the game.
  4. If your dog becomes proficient in the game and tends to jump on you, ask for a sit before throwing the object as an added requirement.

To teach your furry baby the drop it cue, follow these steps –

  1. Simply stand still and wait for a few seconds, giving your pooch the opportunity to drop the object. Avoid using the verbal cue “drop it” at this point, as it may not be effective.
  2. Turn your back to your pup if it doesn’t release the object in its mouth, even after a significant wait time. Your body language should communicate that you won’t engage with a pup who hoards a toy, and such an act will result in the end of the play session.
  3. On dropping the toy, immediately pick it up and throw it again. Practice this sequence consistently. Over time, your furry pet will learn that dropping the toy is the only way to continue playing the game.

Encourage Fido to engage in polite and controlled behavior with the help of fetch. However, you should still consider being prepared with pet insurance for dogs, as frisky pets can get themselves into dangerous health situations. Contemplate purchasing cheap dog insurance at least so your four paws is covered for basic health benefits during sickness and medical emergencies

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