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Facts about App store optimization!

App store optimization is a process that increases app visibility. The visibility of the application increases in the app stores. The most used app stores are the google play store for android users and the app store for IOS users. App store optimization depends on many factors, like click-through rate, app icon, app title, app sub-title, App screenshots, and App rating. More app developers can tweak these factors more they will get visibility, and these factors increase the chances of the application getting installed. 

Why is app store optimization crucial? 

One of the significant challenges which app developers face is that reaching their target audience. As there are more than 2 million applications available on the major app store platforms and 67% of the maximum app downloads happen on these major app store platform. These platforms are the best place to discover the new application. However, these are only possible when the app store is optimized correctly. If it is not optimized, you are likely to lose hundreds and thousands of potential downloads. But, today, there are many app stores optimizing organizations to whom you can reach out. These organizations work on your application on a daily basis to optimize fundamental factors and generate more organic downloads. 

So you are an app developer and believe that your application has potential, but you are facing a hard time reaching out to potential customers. Invest in a program provided by the app store optimizing companies, and be rest assured that this investment will benefit you. Now, let us look at some of the benefits of the app store optimizing company. 


  • Organic install at lower cost

App store optimization company in India and outside India offers packages at very reasonable prices, increasing your app ranking. Your application will be visible to the targeted audience, and that will bring in more app downloads. 

  • Getting more loyal and relevant users. 

Trying to use the exact keywords used by your targeted audience for searching the application is one of the best ASO strategies. ASO improves the subtitle the description of the application in such a way that it contributes a lot to the app ranking higher in-app store. Having your application used by the relevant user will fetch you a better rating on the app store and constructive feedback. 

  • Enhance revenue collection and bring more stability.

Along with ASO, if you monetize your application a little bit ( with ads, in-app purchase and subscription), it will bring you increased revenue as ASO provides lots of additional downloads. Having a financial back up is always good as it will provide stable growth to the application in future. 

ASO is a crucial part of 21st-century marketing strategy, and many times marketers and app developers overlook this part. So if you are an app developer or are running your own business and want to launch an app, make sure you invest in ASO. All the big data companies are already following these strategies, and it is benefiting them. Be rest assured that it will help you too. Today there are numerous app store optimization company in India and outside India, so make sure you reach out to them whenever required. 

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